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Look to these women who lost lots of weight while having fun as inspiration.

North Van. Zumba can help!

by Stephanie Goldberg (CNN)

Deidre Robinson's cheeks flushed as two ride attendants tried to push her safety guard into the lock position.

At 310 pounds, Robinson knew she'd have restrictions at the theme park, but that didn't make her feel any less humiliated when she was told she couldn't ride the roller coaster with her daughter.

"There was a big guy next to me and his snapped," she said. "I thought, 'There's something wrong with that.' Obviously I was a lot bigger than he was."

The 2007 event was one of several turning points for Robinson, now 31, who was eventually inspired to join Weight Watchers and start doing Zumba, a Latin-inspired dance fitness class, in.... 

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Lisa Craig, 46, of Kennesaw, lost 155 pounds

By Michelle C. Brooks

For the AJC

SUCCESS STORY / Lisa Craig, 46: From 375 pounds to 220 pounds

  • Former weight: 375 pounds
  • Current weight: 220 pounds
  • Pounds lost: 155 pounds
  • Height: 5 feet 5 inches
  • Age: 46 years 


Question: What are your weight loss goals?

Lisa did it so can you!
Exercise routine: She’s a member of her local YMCA. “I began this journey struggling to find 45 minutes to work out in a week. I now build my day around exercise and work out daily including kickboxing two days a week, cardio step two days a week, Zumba two days a week and strength training.”....

Biggest challenge: “Sustaining my commitment - this is hard stuff,” she says. “I keep pictures of myself from before around me as encouragement when I grow weary. My faith is also strong and I know God is helping me …”

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Shakira (The Voice) Explains How She Lost Her Baby Weight (video)

Dancing Her Way Thin!

Shakira's secret to losing the baby weight after giving birth to her son, Milan? She does Zumba! Shakira was on a time crunch because she knew she would have to be ready for The Voice two months after delivering the baby, so the 36-year-old mother danced her way to healthy physique. The new mother said that it was a very stressful time and it wasn't easy to shed the pounds. 

(1:21  How Zumba Helped Her Lose Baby Fat)

Trisha Yearwood credits Zumba, ‘hard work’ for 30-pound weight loss

It’s tough to take the weight off when you’re not only a singer in the public eye but also a famous foodie, but country singer Trisha Yearwood has lost 30 pounds since the start of 2013 and is sharing her story with “People” magazine in a cover story, which will hit newsstands on Friday. ....

Yearwood, 48, and married to fellow singer Garth Brooks, also mentioned that she goes to Zumba classes three times a week to burn off the calories she creates in the kitchen. "I fell in love with it," said Yearwood, who in addition to being a Grammy-winning singer is a cookbook author and cooking show host....

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